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Our lab and office is still under construction, therefore we only have limited lab projects. Currently, we are running a novel research project organized by Christian Forbrig and a team of young motivated students. Depending on the demand we could prolong the project until winter 16/17.

However, we do have a fully functional lab in Edinburgh, Scotland. Furthermore, we are offering bioinformatic projects in proteomics, visualization and expression analysis. Of special interest is the analysis of cross-linking mass spectrometry data.

If you are interested please come to the office hours and talk to the people in the lab. Please don't send emails.

Have a look at the collection of "analytical working companies" Liste analytisch arbeitender Betriebe in Berlin/Brandenburg.


Students in our lab:

(MA) Vanessa Paffrath (2016) with Lauri Peil, University of Tartu, Estland [in Arbeit]

(MA) Lars Kolbowski (2015/16)

(BA) Eva Holzhäuser (2016)

(BA) Konstantin Kahnert (2016)

(BA) Nele Teepens (2015/16) Edinburgh


Finished BA/MA-Arbeiten:

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