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Our research team

The Chair of Bioanalytics of the Berlin Institute of Technology (Department of Process Sciences, Institute of Biotechnology) is located at the campus Gustav-Meyer-Allee in the north of Berlin. Since 2011 it is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Juri Rappsilber and the representative Prof. Dr. Leif-Alexander Garbe. Our research is focused on analytical issues of complex biological systems.

The research group led by Prof. Rappsilber deals with the interactions of proteins with a special focus on chromatin, the structure of our cells, which contains the genome and thus our heritage. Therefore new specially designed methods using chemistry, mass spectrometry and computer science have to be developed by this group. https://rappsilberlab.org/

The research group led by Professor Garbe explores the elucidation of biosyntheses and biotransformations. Active compounds from microbial and plant cell systems are obtained and characterized by chromatography, mass spectrometry, chiral analysis and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In collaboration with the VLB Research Institute for "Special Analysis" this group analysis key components in aroma formation and aging of beer and explains the relevant metabolic pathways. Research Institute for "Special Analysis"
Currently there are 14 people as research assistants, technical staff and tutors in our research and teaching team. A constantly changing number of students and interns are active at the chair of bioanalytics.


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